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Extra, Barbara Hatherall and cameraman, Roger Pearce remembered filming at Woodborough Mill Farm near the village of Woollard. This was where Ulrich's village in "The Gift of Life", Rolf's village in "The Penitent Invader", Cerdig's village in "In Common Cause", Yorath's village in "Rowena", Col's village in "The Slaves", and Arthur's village in the later episodes, were set.

In "The Gift of Life", this is the wood from which Kai and the children emerge, and into which Kai flees from his Saxon pursuers.

Match 1 (2)

Here is the location as it appeared in 2014; the young sapling left of centre in the scene above seems to have grown.

Match 1

The spectacular display of buttercups in the foreground, where the field was ploughed, may be more than just coincidence.

Match 1 (3)

Here, the Saxon women run to see Kai, coming into Ulrich's village.

Match 2 (4)

The line of saplings you can see behind the women in the picture above seems to correspond with the line of trees running from the right of the picture to the middle, parallel to the river, in the picture of the location in the present day.

Match 2 (2)

On the map below, the village was built in the field across the River Chew from Catsley Wood.

Woollard map

The adjoining field, where the tents were set up for the canteen, make-up, etc. is marked with an 'x'.

Woodborough Mill Dam

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