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For the first few episodes of "Arthur of the Britons", Arthur's village was situated at Woodchester Park, near Stroud, which now belongs to the National Trust.

According to Peter Sasdy, who was engaged to direct the opening episode of the series, Arthur’s ‘village set’ was supposed to be already built when he arrived.

"However, on arriving in Bristol and being taken to see this village set, all I’ve seen in the middle of the forest were a great number of trees with big chalk marks and numbers on them. "That’s where the village WILL BE BUILT!" I was informed. Not a good start ...

After some panic, and bringing in outside crews - as always in the film industry, under pressure, working day and night for 7 days a week – more or less everything was ready to start the production on schedule."

Arthur is Dead (38)

This is the dam across the third lake, which forms a causeway into Arthur's village: scene from "Arthur is Dead."

Woodchester (24)

This is what it looked like in 2010/2011.

Lakeside talks (12)

This is a view down to the lake from just off to the north of the village: scene from "Daughter of the King."

Woodchester 29/08/10

Lakeside talks (14)

Oliver Tobias looks down to the lake, where Eithna once combed her hair.

Oliver in woods 1 by Wendy

Woodchester (22)

Arthur, Kai and Llud rode along these tracks many times.

Woodchester (21)

Woodchester 29/08/10

View from what was once Arthur's village, across to the causeway.

Enemies and Lovers 95

Kai had just drowned Morcant in this lake: scene from "Enemies and Lovers."

Woodchester 29/08/10

Arthur's Village was situated on the Kennel Pond, at the eastern end of the north shore.

Kennel Pond

Scenes were filmed for "Arthur is Dead", "Daughter of the King", "The Gift of Life", "People of the Plough" and "Enemies and Lovers" before the production base was moved to Compton Dando.


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