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The field where the drowning of the Saxons in "Arthur is Dead" was filmed, is in the village of Frampton Mansell, and is owned by Daphne and Martin Neville. Daphne worked as a newsreader and television presenter for HTV.

Martin recalled that “Arthur of the Britons” was HTV's big production for 1972. When the Nevilles' field was chosen as a location, they had to dam two streams to create the effect of a marsh, and also brought in diggers to make the holes for the Saxons to drown in; it took three days for the field to get sufficiently waterlogged for filming.

This is how it looked in the series:

FM1 Fighting Cerdig (40)

And this is how the field, now set aside for conservation, appears in 2014:

Frampton Mansell 3

Frampton Mansell 1

Location shot taken at the time:

field at Frampton Mansell

When Daphne heard that HTV were auditioning children for parts in the series, her daughters auditioned; Tamzin was cast as Elka in “The Gift of Life”, Sophie was cast as another Saxon child, tilling the fields with Heather Wright as Hildred, when Elka and her brother return to the village. Perry was given a small speaking role as one of the Wood People’s children in “The Wood People”, and Sophie also appeared as a Woodchild.

Tamzin was 8 years old when she appeared in “The Gift of Life”, and could ride – they all had ponies. According to Sophie, Oliver Tobias later introduced Tamzin as his co-star. Daphne recalls that Michael Gothard was very good with the children.


This is Daphne, as a Saxon woman, with Tamzin, as Elka, Geoffrey Adams as Hald, and Sean Fleming as Krist.

Thanks to Sophie Neville, Daphne Neville and Martin Neville.

Further details and photos from the filming of "The Gift of Life" can be found on Sophie's blog, here.
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