Some of the Buffy fic I enjoyed in September

Tuesday, 17 October 2017 08:59 am
[personal profile] thenewbuzwuzz
 A What I Have Been Reading post. Huh, turns out I'm not reccing any WIPs this time.

Not In The Brochure[personal profile] beer_good_foamy . 600w, probably PG, complete.
Seconding Rebcake's rec of glorious Chosen crack. Rarely have I laughed so hard... at Spike's final words...? It's amazing.
Crazy Madcap Redemption[personal profile] hello_spikey . Spike/Drusilla, 16 chapters, complete. Probably R.
In which Drusilla gets the character arc she DESERVES! There's also a very nice Fred, who gets to live and have tea with Dru and chat about gender roles. I'm so glad [personal profile] restfield  recced this on tumblr.
Profit and Lace - ljs. Giles/Anya, 14,162w, T, complete.
I think [personal profile] rahirah  recced the series on tumblr. Anyway, delightful lovely s7 oneshot with Characterization and feelings but also lines like "He gleamed like money". :)


Something Gray - [personal profile] pfeifferpack . Spuffy, but mostly gen, 54,755w, PG, complete.
The conversations that Spike and the Scoobies should have had in season 4. Cathartic.
"Joyce smiled indulgently, “Yes, Spike, and we’ve discussed this sort of thing before. Your manliness and power are more than your ability to hunt and kill, you know that! You are more than some mindless eating machine. We’ve talked about lifestyle choices.”"
Headache - Sunalso. Spuffy, 592w, NC-17, complete. Period fic! \o/ It's season 2, but not squicky in the obvious (age) way.
The Edge - Sigyn. 41,319w, E with rape warnings, complete. Cameos of past Buffy and Spike ships. A beautiful, very close post-series Spuffy with cuddles and communication, which makes it possible for them to face and analyze some dark, twisted parts of themselves. They really dive into the discussion; there are almost constant, in-depth  and graphic references to rape, so, you know, your mileage may vary.
A Touch of Her Style - myrabeth. Spuffy with past Spike/Nikki, 49,339w, R, complete.
Great premise, great execution, squee, and the premise is this:
"Season 2, but with a different pre-series history. Robin Wood moves to Sunnydale to back up Buffy in her on-going battles with Drusilla. But when Buffy's romance with Angel takes a dark and dangerous turn, Robin determines his assistance won't be enough, and calls in some back up of his own: the old family friend who wears his mother's coat."

Music Monday

Monday, 16 October 2017 04:59 pm
[personal profile] scripsi
I haven’t inflicted my music taste on you for ages, so here are several Kurt Weill songs from the movie September Songs. It’s basically a bunch of artists performing song by Weill in the same location, interspersed with information about Weill, and some original recordings. Here are my favourites.

Check in - trip to Knoxville

Sunday, 15 October 2017 11:31 pm
[personal profile] dancingdragon3
Hey all! I just wanted to check in and say thank you to all the supportive comments that you've left that I haven't gotten to. I just got back home a couple of hours ago and I am wiped. But I had a fantastic visit! It went far beyond anything I could have expected, if I was allowing my self to have expectations anymore. (Mindfulness, non-attachment, etc.) 

I may not be around much this week. A co-worker asked me to dog sit (which makes me feel so good, that he trusts me to do this for him, and felt like he could ask me!) So I'll be going by his place when I get up and after work, which will take a lot of time out of my day because  Charlotte is too big. I swear, I did more in Knoxville in one 24 hour period than I do in a week here, because it's so nice and compact. Seriously, my hotel, the club, a friend's house, and where we went to dinner were all in a five minute radios. As was the big book store I always look forward to going to. And I had time to visit the ex twice! And drive all over UT campus, and downtown, and the Old City...and just....did I mention that I had a fantastic time? 

I have a lot more to share, but of course, I got a story idea on the drive, so I want to get that down before I go to bed. 

I love you all. Hope everyone had a great weekend, too! 


Saturday, 14 October 2017 03:39 pm
[personal profile] scripsi
Here's the fic I got for The Darkest Night. Very nicely creepy. Written by Tish, who, funnily enough, was the person I wrote for.

Title: A Few Seconds
Author: Tish
Fandom: Doctor Who
Rating: Teen
Genre: Gen
Word Count: 1326
Characters: The Master (Ainley), Nyssa of Traken
Warnings: Emotional Manipulation, Psychological Trauma, Sensory Deprivation
Summary: A few seconds mean an eternity of suffering for Nyssa.

Mrs. Meister

Friday, 13 October 2017 02:06 am
[personal profile] scripsi
The author’s for The Darkest Night has been revealed, and here is the fic I wrote.

Fandom: Doctor Who
Rating: Teen
Genre: Horror
Word Count: 4225
Characters: The Master (Delgado), Liz Shaw
Warnings: Amnesia, Mind Games
Summary: She wakes up in pain, not knowing who she is. And the man who says he is her husband, only fills her with fear.
AN: Written for The Darkest Night-fic exchange 2017.

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What I have been reading Wednesday

Wednesday, 11 October 2017 08:36 pm
[personal profile] scripsi
Lovecraft Country by Matt Ruff. I love Lovecraft’s mythology, but the racism and misogyny are hard to take.But then there are some brilliant authors who take the mythology and make it soar, like the Swedish author Anders Fager, who mixes it with Swedish mythology and a (mostly), contemporary setting. Lovecraft Countrytakes the racism, gives it a good shake, and gives it center stage. Oh, it’s full of Lovecraftian horror themes, as well as some borrowed elsewhere, but that’s not the truly frightening stuff. The really scary bits in this book is the daily life of the protagonist, a family of African Americans in USA in the 1950’s, not monsters from beyond. I liked this book a lot, after I got used to it’s format. Each chapter is a self-contained novella, each featuring a different main protagonist, from a set of characters who also play parts in the other novellas. And there is also a underlying narrative which reach it's conclusion in the last chapter, so it is a coherent novel as well. For example, the first story is about a young man, Atticus, who go looking for his father in a small and isolated town, in the company of his uncle, and friend Letitia. The next one features Letitia as she purchases a house which turns out to be haunted. The novellas are a bit uneven in quality, but overall I found the book very good, and it was a joy to read. It has a proper ending, but also an opening for a sequel, which I wouldn’t mind. Apparently it is going to become a TV series, which I think could work very well.

Bryony and Roses by T. Kingfisher. You may have noticed by now I like fairy tale retellings. This one if a version of The Beauty and the Beast which was always one of my favorites (long before the movie, which didn’t come until I was an adult). In this novel beauty is called Bryony, and it’s she who gets trapped by the Beast and not her father. I really enjoyed this re-telling. Both Bryony and the Beast have distinct personalities and also hobbies, which I loved! And the tale was changed enough to make the narrative fresh and interesting.

Lord Peter Views the Body by Dorothy L. Sayers. This is the first collection of Sayers short stories, and it’s pretty uneven. A couple of macabre ones, like the one about an artist who makes some very curious pieces of art, or the man who inherits his uncle’s stomach. A couple of more straightforward murder mysteries, a couple of plain mysteries, and the absurd finale; “The Adventurous Exploit of the Cave of Ali Baba” where Lord Peter “dies” to go undercover for several years. My personal favourites are “"The Fascinating Problem of Uncle Meleager's Will" where Lord Peter and Lady Mary helps solving the clues to the whereabout of a testament by being frivolous, and "The Learned Adventure of the Dragon's Head" where we get to meet lord Saint-George for the first time.

A Skinful of Shadows by Frances Hardinge. The previous books I’ve read by Hardinge has been pure fantasy, this one is set before and under the Civil War in England. Makepeace’s grow up with her unmarried mother, who refuses to speak of her father. Makepeace also see ghosts. When she, eventually, learns about her father, she realises this is something she has inherited from him and his family. It’s a bit hard to say more without spoiling the book, but it’s well worth reading! It has a similar plot point with some of Bujold’s work, so I successfully guessed the big secret pretty much at once, but I enjoyed my read nevertheless.

Some random paranoia about WWIII

Tuesday, 10 October 2017 11:17 pm
[personal profile] dancingdragon3
Some thoughts on how we're headed to the political configuration of 1984 and ending the world. 

Okay, if we go to war with North Korea, let's say Russia joins our side. And then Russia decides to be aggressive and start taking back old Soviet states that are now in the EU, or Central Asia and Muslim or ethnically Chinese.

And since Britain isn't in the EU, they're on our side?

But if Russia starts moving on the EU, then...the EU is our enemy and Britain's. 

And where would China fall? Would they really be on the side that would give their neighbor Russia more strength? Or would this become a three-way conflict, with China taking the opportunity to 'defend' Asia from the Korean threat and the US threat that caused it?

Because if you lived in Japan and got bombed by North Korea because the US president was acting like a jackass, and the US had already bombed you twice, would you still be allies with us? 

Then where does India fall?

And then Pakistan? 

And Iran? Keeping in mind our Middle East ally Israel? And imagining Russia on the move. 

And like dominoes, we've destabilized the entire Eurasian continent. 

Okay, I just had to get that out. Someone please tell me how crazy that sounds. :brittle smile: Please, disagree and tell me how wrong I am. 


Tuesday, 10 October 2017 05:24 pm
[personal profile] scripsi
Got properly flabbergasted for getting my Yuletide assignment so soon. I got a very good letter, but also a bit outside my comfort zone. But I have half an idea already, and hopefully I can make something good out of it. I’ve also noticed a letter with a request for a fandom I didn’t sign up to write, but got an idea for as soon as I saw it. So I think i can pretty safely say there will be at least one Treat. But I wonder when they will open up the Request summary at AO3. Some people only put there prompts on AO#, and some who do write letter doesn’t post about them in the letters post, so I always find the Request summary the best place to look Treat-ees. I also noticed that all my fandom request has got offers, which I didn’t expect- especially the pretty obscure offer of Elizabeth of the Garret Theatre. Weee!

And I’ve no less than two super nice comment on My Only Love, which completely made my day.

School Hard poetry kits (Not a Spectator Sport)

Monday, 9 October 2017 05:10 pm
[personal profile] thenewbuzwuzz
This is what I posted on Seasonal Spuffy for School Hard weekend. The kits are not in their original state, so (1) you can take a look what people have made so far, and (2) you can absolutely still make new stuff.

Title: Not a Spectator Sport
Creator: thenewbuzwuzz
Setting: School Hard (as material), indeterminate (as actual setting)
Rating: PG-13 (potentially)

NotesYou know how I sometimes mutilate shooting scripts? This isn't one of those times. This time, I invite *you* to mess with a transcript. 
This is meant to work like magnetic poetry: you can drag the words around and arrange them into new phrases. Further suggestions on how to play with the words are under the cut. I'm using the word 'poetry' broadly: it can be whatever you like. I hope it's fun.

Links to poetry kits:

To play with the very first words Spike and Buffy exchange (and also Stupid Thing by Nickel), go here.

To unleash Buffyspeak on Spike's threat to kill Buffy's friends and some other dialogue bits, go here.

To marvel at how little it takes to make the "do we really need weapons" conversation sound dirty, go here.

Further notes )

What I have been reading

Sunday, 8 October 2017 03:10 pm
[personal profile] scripsi
The Unpleasantness at the Bellona Club by Dorothy L. Sayers. This is the book where Lord Peter Wimsey fully emerge as himself. The mystery is also wonderfully complex. General Fentiman dies at his club, and there are no reasons to think there is anything fishy about it. He is very old, and not particularly wealthy. But then it emerges that depending on the exact time of his demise, he might have died a very rich man. And there there is an autopsy…

This is also the book the charming Marjorie Phelps are introduced- the one Lord Peter wouldn’t have minded marry if only friendship had been enough. Though this isn’t my favourite sayers, it’s definitely one of the better ones.

The Abandoned Orphanage by John Carter. Not too bad opening about an old orphanage where people sometimes disappear forever. Now, i don’t mind fantastic stories, but what is important to me is logic behaviour. And this book feel completely after the following; For plot reasons it is important that a boy around 12 is left alone one night. I find it pretty hard to believe that parents, who have been depicted as caring, would leave a child that young alone, but ok, that might happen. But, this family is still reeling from the disappearance of the boy's younger sister. And there is no way on earth I can accept caring parents would leave their remaining child alone at home under those circumstances. Would. Not Happen. And then you can have as many beautiful plot points you want to realise and it will still not work.

Penric’s Fox by Lois McMaster Bujold. It is no secret Buold is one of my favourite authors, and apart from her fantasy romance series I have loved everything she has written. (The romance series is probably fine- I just don’t care much for romance as a genre). Penric’s Fox is part of a series of novellas set in her fantasy world of The Five Gods. Penric is a young man who accidently acquire a demon, which makes him into a sorcerer. And as the demon’s personality is made up of parts of all the previous human it has shared body with, the demon is a very feminine one. Penric names it Desdemona, and sometimes complains it is like sharing a body with several sisters.

This novella is chronologically speaking the third one, taking place after Penric and the Shaman and before Penric's Mission. In this story a sorceress is found murdered and Penric becomes part of the investigation. There is of course the question of who murdered her, but he also needs to find the demon, or rather, they need to find the living creature the demon must have possessed. It’s not my favourite Penric-story, but as all of them are good, this was very enjoyable to read anyway.

Strange Practice by Vivian Shaw. Doctor Greta Helsing specialise in the medical care of supernatural beings. It’s not a very exciting life anyway, but when a mysterious sect starts to kill of supernatural beings in London, Greta finds herself in the forefront of the fight. In a way it’s a story I’ve read before, a world pretty much our own, but with supernatural beings; many of them having familiar names like the vampires Lord Ruthwen and Varney. But Shaw’s writing is engaging and Greta is a good heroine; intelligent and capable. This is the first in a series, and I look forward to the next book!

Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Cafe. This is another re-read. A middle-age woman is befriended by an old one at a nursing home, and over the course of several visits is told the story of the Threadgoode family in a small town in the American south. You’ve probably seen the movie with Kathy Bates. I love the movie, but the book is better.

My Only Love, chapter 5

Saturday, 7 October 2017 09:50 pm
[personal profile] scripsi
Title: My Only Love
Fandom: Versailles
Rating: Explicit
Genre: Drama
Word Count: 1004
Chapters: 5/?
Characters/pairing: Fabien Marchal/Sophie de Clermont.
Warnings: Torture, bondage, choking, knifeplay, rough sex
Summary: Estranged from Fabien, Sophie returns to Versailles, continuing her work as his spy. When Fabien decides to play a long game with Sophie as pawn, the hopes of them finding each other again, gets dangerously close to be permanently shattered. A sequel to Falling.

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