Stephan Chase, who played Horgren in “The Gift of Life” was kind enough to share some thoughts, and pictures.

Kenneth Benda [who played Ulrich] and I stayed in The Moat House Hotel, by Bristol Docks I think. Great scampi, steak Diane and decent red; and it was new at that time. Yes. A jolly time out there. We were driven out in the morning and back last thing – I have no idea where we filmed. No idea.

The Director, Pat Jackson was a very nice, mild, sweet man; you can read about his distinguished career on IMDb, but lots about me is inaccurate: some jobs are left out and others included with incorrect name spellings, eg. 'Steven Chase.' Hate that!! The photographer took some good publicity shots. Yes I think they’re good.

Stephan Chase small 4

Stephan Chase 2 small

I don’t remember much about it; if I was in a fight, I probably looked pathetic! But I do know I came away thinking it was a bit of fun. Fun it was, over possibly 2 weeks. Certainly I remember driving to Bristol at least twice.

Michael Gothard was different – he had something that made him fit well into that period in history; a kind of primitive physicality. Perhaps pagan would be better. His countenance was somehow how we imagine ancient Britons to look. Its aspects were rarely seen together. Brutal yet tender. It was a great film face. He was in the Royal Shakespeare Company. Come 1988, I founded a voice-over agency, called Rhubarb, and had Michael on my books. I don’t think we got him much work … perhaps not a “commercial” voice for selling nice crap, but I liked having him on there, and he had a good voice for it. Perhaps not in the eyes of ad man though. Limited by clients and so on."

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